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02.16.2012 , 10:21 AM | #15
Melee is at a MASSIVE disadvantage in the game right now.

This is seriously one of the biggest issues I have and its killing me.

Wow had the same problem, and they resolved it. I'm sure the TOR devs will get around to it. But I hope they do it soon.

We do equal DPS to ranged but we do it less often, so we do less DPS. That isn't balanced.

We're FAR more susceptible to roots and snares and stuns and knockback, and this game as a freaking s-ton of them.

And bosses have all kinds of AOE smash and breath weapon (cone) attacks. Ranged characters can literally just stand at a distance and fire. Melee has to run back and forth constantly to dodge attacks that would take out a third of our life, so we deal half the DPS in those boss encounters.

Its ridiculous.