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So that if/when they input those requirements I will be screwed? I think not.

I will play it safe and laugh at everyone who went through leveling 2+ crew skills for 1337 gears and gets slapped with the requirements of 400 in X/Y/Z to use.

They did it for Cybertech grenades, they will most likely do it for the rest of the crew skills.

And honestly, by the time you level up and get your reuseable stim/adrenal/medpac, you'll have spent enough money that you could have just bought a massive amount from the vendor (as far as the stim/medpac go). Luck with RNG aside of course with how long it takes to RE the purple schematics.
Just saying its a possibility that people can/have done. I'm not doing it as it is an abuse to the system, and well... I'm lazy . As far as credit costs...? credits are worthless, this doesn't need to be said again. However you can easily buy the reusables from another biochem as long as you have 400 skill (in fact I've seen some bios try and sell these for pathetic prices). Also... what is its CD? 2 minutes? Using it every time its up in a 15 minute match (just say 6, what with defending/waiting for oppurtune times) and 3 hours of pvp with your friends/guildies. Waiting 5 minutes in queue between 15 minute matches is 3 matches an hour. 9 matches in 3 hours, 6 uses a match. Thats 54 uses in that night. Adrenals (before the mat change) would go around 10k each if you could even find. Its just nice to know its always there, and you'll never have to do dailies to afford another batch again... ever, while maintaining the full benefits of chain popping adrenals.

Idk, if I hadn't learned about that after getting 400 artifice/my crit crafted relics, I would have rerolled. Its just a very appealing bonus to me, which is why I'm leveling my alts as biochem.