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02.16.2012 , 08:49 AM | #19
Artifice is not crap at all... you are just doing it wrong...

With artifice I sell 400k in Enhancements daily.

I am capable of crafting for myself the best Relics in the game (even better then Nightmare mode Ops)

I can create the best lightsaber outside of Nightmare mode ops because it can crit an augment slot, and once they allow us to pull the mods out of ops gear it will be even better then the ops ones.

I can create Offhands equal to the Columi offhands which are great for people just getting into ops.

I can create one of the best Color crystals and in a color that is unique to artifice.

So yeah... you are jut doing it wrong I guess... Don't know what else to tell you.
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