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What you fail to realize is that after you crit craft, you can drop artifice and level synthweaving. Crit craft your BoP synthweaving belt/bracers then drop it. End on biochem for their BoP stims/adrenals and the money you save/quality of life benefit of reusables.

THAT is the real issue (credits are also a joke). All BoP craft items should require 400 in their respective crew skill to use.
So that if/when they input those requirements I will be screwed? I think not.

I will play it safe and laugh at everyone who went through leveling 2+ crew skills for 1337 gears and gets slapped with the requirements of 400 in X/Y/Z to use.

They did it for Cybertech grenades, they will most likely do it for the rest of the crew skills.

And honestly, by the time you level up and get your reuseable stim/adrenal/medpac, you'll have spent enough money that you could have just bought a massive amount from the vendor (as far as the stim/medpac go). Luck with RNG aside of course with how long it takes to RE the purple schematics.