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So I hit 50 with my inquisitor, levelling up artifice, archaology and treasure hunting and all hit 400. While it lacked the omg-factor of being able to craft medpacs, I always had a blue hilt to put into my own and my pets lightsabers/vibroswords.

And then I hit level 50. All the end game gear is better than the hilts and enhancements I can craft myself. I get a few relics to craft. But the lightsabers that I can craft are crap compared to the Champion/Columi Lightsabers.

All in all I now sit with the feeling that I just wasted hundreds of thousands of credits on levelling a useless craft.

So please fix this Bioware, please, make Artifice useful in end game, either to make the rank 25 hilts/enhancements (similar to those in Columi/Artifice) or somehow give us some other boosts, please.
If your posting this now you haven't been on the forums the last 2 months. Unfortunatly the 2 options are to wait for the next major content patch or to drop for biochem which isn't to expensive/hard to level (think you can probably level to 400 in like 3 hours as a 50