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Well okay , prepare to salute me , friend :

Revan defeated Malak who was empowered by the forge (ya know feeding on the force , trough the dead bodies ).

How powerful was Malak before the Star Forge?
He outsmarted Revan by firing at his ship, But he never defeated Revan personally.. The Jedi did that.

Revan lead the republic to victory against the most powerfull warriors in star wars , the mandalorians ( i'm not speaking about force-sensitive and yes the mandos are the best warriors in the galaxy , i don't think i need to prove myself ) while having a limited numbers of jedis and a weakened fleet.

Canderous states that the republic ws 1 to 10 on the Mandalorians, Disproving your argument that Revan killed them all single-handedly.

Revan created the psychic bomb , which is pretty powerfull since only extremly powerfull force user could survive ( Bane and Zannah ) of course it's not the Dark nexus or Viviate/Nihilus power but yet it is an extremly powerfull power.

It's basically a powerful force blast, Vader could crush enemies with many tonnes, Pretty much like getting crushed by a building.

Revan was a master in multiple fighting style (well that's not amaaaazing but yet it's something).

Vader was a master of his personal version of Djem So to utilize his suit.

Revan mastered both sides of the force and was "neutral" (now here's why , unifying force user sees the force as a whole , not a bipolar entity , the force is a living tool meaning you can use it as you like too , the New Jedi Order of Luke followed this until the Kilik Crisis where Luke believed it was way too bordeline and came back to the old bipolar force , yet Revan was one of the few jedis with Luke and Katarn being able to use both sides of the forces without failing to the dark side (well Katarn did felled in Mots but that's another story) , that's canon .).
And he had an inner-mind powerfull enough to control the Starforge without falling to it's power.

Vader was also a fully trained Jedi, had the skills of a Master then converted to the dark side where he had kowledge of sith secrets back to this era, Sidious even gave him Malgus's personal Journal.

Revan killed hundreds of sith and jedis sometimes taking them by dozens (maybe this isn't "canon" but for me everything that you do in the game "is" canon("not so amazing" but still).

And ther goes your objectivity.."to me"
If something is not canon, it isn't canon. Your opinion wonät change it.

Now i think i made objective points here , didn't put any opinion in it.

The above says that you did quite teh contrary..

Now let's go on Vader

Vader has much more potential then Revan yet he is limited by is mechanical-body.

His potential is 200% higher that of Sidious, Who is the most powerful sith lord to ever live. Using simple math, He could've only reached half of that and still be legues beyond Revan and any other sith/jedi, He reached 80% of Palpatines power which is not to shabby.

Vader did killed many jedis but nothing out of extraordinary . He did killed "alot" of them but don't tell me they were incredible force user.
The only great force user that Anakin really defeated was Dooku (Ventress was quite a duelist but i don't see her that powerfull).

Shaak Ti, Cin Drallig, Dooku, Ventress, Maul, Dark Lady, 5 Jedi Masters at once..

"Oh? He invaded the Jedi Temple and killed hundreds of nameless Jedi. Thats Canon Bro. The Great Jedi Purge was the annihlation of the Jedi which was lead by Vader. He was in control of all Jedi-Killing, he told where troopers to land and where he was going. "

LOL , sure , order 66 has nothing to do with that ...

Order 66 was the order to make the clones turn on the jedi = Switch allegiance. Vader was still the one telling them how to do things..

Vader is only using rough power and let the admirals of the Fleet do most of the tactical job , who only use rough-power in order to please Vader (which made them so easy to beat).

Letting talented & educated people do what they are best at is a wrong tactic?

"Yeah, that explains how he breached through the RA's headquarters? That explains how he managed to invade Kashyyk. Sure
Where do you guys see something that if Vader were leading the Imperial fleet the rebel fleet would of lost in Rotj ?
If it wasn't because the emperor was such confident , no more rebellion...

Empror didn't care about anythinge xcept for Luke, He had the fleet just floating around not doing anything just to play around with Luke, Even if he died he would've come back so he didn't have much to loose. Destroying teh second death star didn't mean end of the empire, THere were still MANY imperial supporters around teh galaxy.. read teh novels afterwards.

Kashyyk ?
lol ? It's a joke right , did you watched the background ?
Oooooh yeah it is very well known that the Wookies were billions and were one of the most advance species in the galaxy.
And just look at ESB , on Hoth , what an incredible tactic there...
Everytime it is a 10 vs 1 , that's a proof of Vader tactical mind .

Again, It's wrong to bring backup?
Wrong to assure yourself a victory?

Vader is not a master of the force like Revan is , never created powerfull technics and is Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from Palpatine"s level (and he is suppose to be 80% ? let me laugh , seriously ? if he was 80% of Palpatine he would of been able to do things like Nihilus or Viviate or even learn how to do the Dark Nexus).

There goes your objectivity again, You ignore canon facts and put your personal opinon above them.

It took Vader 18 years to "come back" and he knew he made an error the second he waked up inside the dark suit...
He couldn't live with the guilt of what he had done and couldn't forgive himself but when his son came , forgave him and made the choice he couldn't do (accepting the possible death of his friends and refusing to fall for the darkside) Vader changed his mind.

He didn't spend recoviring those 20 years, He was blaming himself for Padme's death and was feeding off those emotions to make him more powerful. He wasn't sitting in his little oxygen cube crying all the time..

Well if Vader was on his full potential (which is Luke ) i would shut up and say he wins.
But Vader is far from what he's suppose to be.

He's suppose to be 200% that of Palpatine, Who is the strongest one ever to live. He can be miles away from that and still be miles above any other sith/jedi.

And i think that Revan is just more experienced in all the cases then Vader and that's THE ONLY REASON why Revan is stronger then Vader.
And the fact that Vader is nothing more then a robot , who would get cooked by force lightining...

He isn't, Vader is more experienced in tactics, melee combat, force combat and accomplishments.

He is half a cyborg and STILL extrely powerful, He can soak up force lightning like a sponge soaks up water. He died to Sidious force lightning, The most powerful force lightning ever.

Saw how Mace was barely holding on to his lightsaber when deflecing?
Saw how Yoda got launched in the air when absorbing it?
Saw how Vader got weakened by it?

Now you can say whatever you want , i tried to be as objective as possible.

something which you utterly failed at in few of your arguments..

(oh one last thing Viviate > Palpatine , he lived longer then him ) .
1. It's ViTiate.. with a T..
2. It's been canocially proven that Palpatine is the most powerful sith lord to ever live, He doesn't need trinkets & the power of other sith lords to use the force powers he has in his arsenal.

I admire you for trying, You are different from the others that have tried priving that Revan is more powerful.. You'r not an a**hole..
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