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blue adrenals take 30 mins to craft and you get 1.

to make them viable they need to be made in multiples of 10.

no one will buy a non reusable because no seller is stupid enough to price it to be "affordable" and afordable means less than the materials costs which is about 6K in mission worth and then you have the price of the materials worth on the GTN themselves which can go up to the 30K mark on some servers but average about the 14-16K on my server in total. so on average 20K to MAKE adrenals that are ONE USE ONLY...

so lets say 10% profit margin you sell it at 22K.

is anyone THAT much desperate to fork out 22K for a 15 seconds bonus????

if you could make them in 10s thats about 2K per adrenal in expenses so you can still sell them at 22K for the lot but they are more worthwhile since its only 2200 per adrenal. you get more per WZ win and if that adrenal made the win happen then yey money well spent.

as they are now its either reusable or NOTHING. there is no otehr way.
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