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Hola Peeps,

Still chillin, waitin for the invite, but I only pre-ordered in October so I understand I have to wait my turn......unlike some people.

The real question here is for someone who ordered the deluxe edition and is playing, or a developer who just happens to check out these threads.

In purchasing the deluxe edition, I am to receive some awesome vanity items (ie. the star wars version of a vanity item and my very own stripper.) When playing the beta, I did not have any of those items. All I had was my color stone item enhancer thingamajig.
So the question is, will I have those items when I am able to play the real thing, or has some bug occured.

Spanks for noticin

Oh and if you would like to troll this thread....hopefully you do it with a ton of space balls references...thanks

Hi Docyardo,

This is just to confirm that you should currently only be able to see the “color crystal” item on your account management page. Once you’ll receive your copy of the game at launch and enter the retail game code, any other account items and privileges that you are eligible for will then be viewable.

Thank you for your patience.

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