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On the Jedi trying kill Sith Lord topic

I understand what most of you are saying "Kill for the greater good" when that Jedi was about to kill the Sith Lord. I understand the rational reason's behind it but does that mean in a time of war(which is always with the Jedi) they don't have to follow the codes? only when it suit's them? that seems a bit hypocritical to me. The codes are in place and I just can wrap my head around throwing them out "If it really counts" It looks more like something a Sith would do.

Jedi see the Sith as a virus, wouldn't it be fair to say that the Jedi are the one's trying to wipe out the Sith, just like the Sith are trying to do with the Jedi. What's the difference, they both weild light saber's, both use the force. It seems to me the Sith are not bound by chains like the Jedi are.

To be a Jedi, have everyone else run your life for you. Telling you that you cannot love or have see your family member's. It almost seems like they are a prionsar rather then free.