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02.15.2012 , 12:16 PM | #3
Seriously, I've been ************ about this alot, myself. The amount of DPS my Sentinel does is completely pathetic compared to the amount of damage I take. In a typical warzone match, i'll deal between 80k and 100k damage, but I'll have died somewhere between 15 and 25 times. But, honestly I don't find a lot of problems with PVP. my main issue comes with the fact that with every PVP aspect they nerf for QQers, they make things harder on the PVE players. It is freaking ridiculous that I'm getting owned by level 30-32 elites when I'm at level 35, with Kira, a stimpack, medpacks, Force Might, Saber Ward, and Call on the Force active. On top of that, there's nowhere to buy parts for T7, so unless you tell Kira to **** off and only focus on gearing the droid, you have no tank.

Things that Knights/Warriors need majorly:
Increased DPS to make up for squishiness (Sentinel/Marauder)
Increased defense/endurance to make it a viable tanking option (Guardian/Juggernaut)
A place where we can easily get parts for our droids (All classes. Even C2-N2 could be useful if I could A)turn off his attack feature and B) find parts for him)

EDIT: Also, crowd control. Being constantly in the thick of things, Knights/Warriors (especially the Sentinel/Marauder) should have a couple crowd control abilities to even things up when we get mobbed by a bunch of enemies at once.