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02.15.2012 , 12:11 PM | #63
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Have to buy an authenticator to customize Ashara? Weak. Very F@%king weak. This is the kind of greedy, grasping, cross-marketing garbage I'd expext out Blizzard for WoW.
I will NEVER buy one now, just out of spite. This is a great game, Bioware, but on this point, you can blow me.
Quote: Originally Posted by SithZigg View Post
Wait, I have to purchase a security key to be able to mod the appearance of Ashara? How effing lame is that? Guess her appearance is not changing any time soon then.

BioWare, I am dissapoint.

Or you could, y'know... not buy the security key and get a decent enough phone that'll run the authenticator for free.