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Hi I just created a new consular and did Tython. I was missing some Codex entries, and google led me here. I thought I could contribute a little.

Jedi Weapons - I got this entry upon completion of the class quest where I create a weapon. (As stated above, I'm a Consular)

Uxibeast - If you need to find an Uxibeast which always works, get off the taxi path at Jedi Training grounds and "hang a right". There is a road with some Uxibeasts, getting close to one, or mousing over it, triggered my Codex entry. (I don't know which, since I was moving and mousing over it at the time of triggering. I definitely did NOT right-click it). It's VERY close, you should still be in sight of the buildings.

Satele Shan - I did not get this entry.

Side note: One of the entries I gained on Tython counts in the "Alderaan" category. I know this, because I am 1/34 on Alderaan, but I'm only level 10 and I have never been there.