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Sure, I will take a crack at it.

Question 1:
Balance to the force does not mean equal light and dark. It means returning the force to its natural state. Lucas has said the Sith's practice of the Dark Side was like a cancer.

Question 2:
It was planned to have Mace Windu on Coruscant for the reveal. Sidious new that Mace would seek to end the threat no matter the cost. That is why he had been hinting to Anakin that the Sith could keep Amidala alive. Put in a place of choosing the order and the woman he loved, Anakin chose the latter.

Question 3:
Sidious and Vader were the end of the Rule of Two Sith. There were at least two more factions of Sith our there (EU of course). The Lost Tribe of Sith on the planet of Kesh, and the One Sith who had been in hiding on Korriban. Both of which had drastically different views on how the Sith needed to be ran.