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They are overpowered in PVP, as well as being the best tank class in PVP by far(absurd) with their avoidance, and highest consistent damage dealers, they can stealth and have the best CCs. Shadows/*** are unbeatable in 1 on 1 duels as well, they can out tank a fully speced tanking guardian and still out dps them by a factor of 2 in PVP. This is a universal complain among most pvp veterans. It's about time that the class system gets a huge re-balancing. Guardians/Jugs are underpowered and not filling the role they are supposed to - as tanks, and anything other than pure focus/rage build is useless in PVP atm, shadow/*** are disgustingly overpowered and need a big nerf, it is inevitable, the sooner it comes the better, this imbalance have gone on for far too long.
I been screaming Buff JKG/SWJ for a long time now, they are lacking bad.
As far as nerfing Shadow/Assassins they are fine IMO they just need to buff Knights up to the level of Shadows & Troopers as far as tanking goes.

I will tell you what the problem is with JKG/SWJ tanks, its that they have NO personal healing, I have a 50 Trooper tank and a 41 Shadow tank and the self healing is what makes us, I think Bioware thought because they wear heavy armor and can leap and all the good stuff that they would be fine but they are not, they are only fine with a healer baby sitting them, but the same goes for the Shadow & Trooper.

A simple buff/fix would be to have Enure not lose the health gained after the effect is gone though the Inner Peace talent in the tanking tree but also increase the cooldown for taking that talent to 2 mins so it matches the Troopers Adernaline Rush cooldown of 2 mins via tanking tree.