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100-140 seems the norm of a normal human's lifespan.

Of course, several things factor into that...

Hyperspace travel (Excessive Hyperspace travel can 'add' a few years to a being's lifespan, but it needs to be... Excessive, such as shipping/cargo transport and stuff where one spends a LOT of time in hyperspace. Relativity shielding isn't 100% perfect after all.)

Cybernetics, advanced medicine, genetic engineering. Darth Vader, with his cybernetics could have probably pushed past the 140 barrier considering he was mostly machine with very few organic systems to fail. Likewise, people with cybernetic organs (Heart being a major one) probably lived a few decades longer than others. Medicine also helps keep away all the potentially lethal infections that old age can't fight off... And genetic engineering is somewhat cheating a little.

We've seen people like Boba Fett survive to live long lives despite constant fighting. Fett as of 'current' has a cloned lower leg and has survived EXTENSIVE cancer treatment in direct result from his altered metabolism in the Sarlac, a bone marrow transplant to avoid death by clone degredation AND an antidote to survive Darth Caedus' 'Fett nanovirus' released on Mandalore. He's still alive... And about 76 years old. He figures he has about 30 left in him.

As long as people aren't cut down by whatever's going on in the galaxy... They seem to have fairly long lives. Certainly long enough to remember the clone wars, the days of the empire, the days following the rebel's wins against the death star and it's second incarnation, the Vong invasion, Dark Nest crisis and even the rise and fall of Darth Caedus depending on when they were born.