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02.14.2012 , 10:36 PM | #1
I'm more curious what the average is for humans in TOR time but if anyone knows what it is in the prequel/OT setting I'd be interested to hear that as well.

Playing through TOR I've noticed something odd when it comes to how old people are. You've got characters who have managed to keep themselves alive for hundreds of years through either technology or the force and no one thinks that's strange but then you have heaps of characters who seem to age and die at the same rate as people do in real life.

For example you have some characters from KoTOR or who were alive during KoTOR still around but other characters from the game have since passed on.

I'm just trying to get the timeline all set right in my mind and it would help if I knew what the average lifespan was and whether or not those that live into their hundreds or even thousands are an oddity or not, ignoring some form of stasis that has extended their lives.