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Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller View Post
Please understand that comparing damage between classes at an arbitrary level (16) is not going to yield any useful insight into power differences between classes.
Even though I completely agree that an arbitrary glance at level 16 isn't going to yield much in the way of fruitful comparisons I can't help but agree with the statement as a whole.

I think myself and other operatives feel that we're lacking in almost every specialization, we simply fill roles that are better filled by other AC's.

I'm curious if the lack of comments in this sub forum is an indication that you guys are quietly working on something, or if you guys (Bioware) simply don't feel there is a problem.

Furthermore if the differences stopped at a numerical basis that would be much less troublesome, one of the glaring issues is that we simply don't have the powerful toolset and utility of other classes.

Many of the operatives in this forum don't feel anyone is listening. I'm at least heartened by the fact that you're here reading stuff.