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Please remove this post before the baddies see it and gang up with their "/sign" .... Seriously the game has been out 5 weeks and people are QQing about so much in this game. If you do not like this game leave. Stop playing. I don't want you changing what is a great game. It's different, it's not WoW, and that's why I like it. I do not want to play WoW with lightsabers.

Dumbing Heroics down? Are you serious? That's just about the dumbest thing I have read on the forums yet..............

Lights Out - Daily Heroic+4 - Belsavis - I solo this, I take off all my gear and run for the controls, revive and continue IF and only IF I can not find someone to help, which is rare.

Freeing the Fallen - This is so easy I solo.

Poisonous Strat - With all the people on ilum this is too easy to not find people.

Old Enemies - If I have found people for Lights Out and Freeing the Fallen they are asking ME if I will go for this one.

My point, MAKE SOME FRIENDS. Use that /friend feature. Joing a guild with some people around your level. Or just join a guild.

Seriously this game isn't rocekt science and I am tired of everyone QQing about crap they don't like. Reporting bugs fine. But jesus christ lay off the EMO pills.
gotta agree...

on my main (powertech tank):
lights out- solo, takes me less than 10 min and unless I mess up and pull an extra group, I don't die (I can run away, use cds and live till the mobs reset).
Freeing the fallen- solo in about 5 min if that.
Old Enemies- take off armor, send companion in and run till I die. Rez and I'm at boss. take out mako and solo boss using all cds/interrupts. Easily soloable.
Poisonous strat- take out mako, using cds/interupts/stuns solo the group & the pack of two golds. Wait for respawn and do it again. Takes maybe 5-10 min.

I already solo every lvl 50 heroic quest, and the OP wants to make them easier?????
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Ivy league educated research scientist working on solar cell development. So yeah, I have no need to feel "accomplished" in a videogame.
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Call me when you've got 2 written recommendations from Nobel laureates and have attended annual private functions at the White House.