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I rolled a damage dealing spec character on game launch, and had very little issue finding groups for pretty much all heroic missions on planets over the course of 3 weeks of levelling. But now that the population has died off somewhat, it's near impossible to find groups for Heroic missions, even so on either of my tank and healer alts which I find surprising, as it's apparent it's not a shortage of roles. I have left Balmorra with 6 Heroic missions in log (stayed around for Bonus series too), and Nar Shaddaa with 4.

If Bioware don't plan on doing server merges, should Heroic +4 missions on planets be downtuned to Heroic +2 difficulty, and perhaps a few of the existing Heroic +2 missions downtuned to solo?
You don't need to complete the heroic quests in order to fully level. These should be considered optional. Best way to combat not having a group for them is build a network of friends or guildmates to help out.
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