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02.14.2012 , 01:25 PM | #677
I recently built a whole new computer just to play swtor. And for this build I got a nice 64gig SATA III SSD to run the OS\Swtor\Important Programs. As my slave I have a 250gig SATA II.

I was very excited when my new machine hit 17 seconds from dead to desktop. But my happyness was shattered when I got Swtor installed and Reved it up only to still wait forever on a load screen at login. I saw a much better time going planet to planet. I have tripled checked that all my files are on the SSD and not on the HDD.

I run a 12meg connection that averages around 12.3meg 60-70 MS with no drops or slowdowns.

I tried several things thinking maybe something was wrong...but it wouldn't explain the better P To P load time. I ended up blaming bio for slow servers.

So my question is anyone else have an SSD and still have horrid login times?
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