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12.15.2011 , 09:39 AM | #2
I'm on The Ebon Hawk server, guild "The Legion" has just recently been formed and we're coming up with a charter. I'm actually not the Guild Leader, though I am an officer. Most of us are new at running a guild, but are totally willing to give it a shot!

We'll likely post more details once we come up with a firmer concept and think about recruiting! We do know we'll be a medium/light RP Republic guild focused on RP and PvE, rather than PvP. I doubt we'll be "hardcore" and more of a "let's try it!" casual-ish group of people.

Also can't wait for Server Forums so the community can come together more properly, as it seems Ebon Hawk is currently one of the "quieter" servers so far in terms of RP presence. Maybe we're all just shy?