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Very nice summary.

Though I think the rule - which you probably added to the end as a running gag ^^ - "IF THE TANK DIES, IT'S THE HEALERS FAULT, IF THE HEALER DIES, IT'S THE TANKS FAULT AND IF THE DPS DIES IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT!" is in the meanwhile no longer valid. There are so many encounters where it is all your own fault, if you die, no matter if you are tank, healer or DD (Ultraxion "Hour of Twilight" ability for example) as well as encounters, where even as a DPS you need to rely on someone else to "save you" and it is this persons fault if you die (Shard healing at the Baloroc encounter, for example). These sort of things in the meanwhile are not really "exceptions" anymore, but pretty much standard.

I also still have some expansions to your guide:

Enrage: An Enrage is triggered on a certain condition, like the boss still living after 5 minutes or something like that, or like specific mobs being more than 60 meters apart from each other. If the enrage condition happens, it is basically an instant whipe (he then hits 10x his normal amount, or even instantly causes a whipe). There are some bosses though where you can still fight a few seconds into the enrage by using Cooldowns (as explained above in the Cooldown section).

Soft-Enrage: A Soft-Enrage is a gradually happening enrage. For example the boss places "fire" on the ground which is then no longer removed. At some time the whole room will be filled with the fire, and you have no save place anymore. This is called a Soft-Enrage (often Soft-Enrages are implemented by gradually getting-higher damage on the tank or the group, or by limiting available place).

Council Fight: A Council Fight is a fight with 3+ bosses at the same time, each of them having individual boss abilities. The raid needs to cope with all those abilities at the same time. Often classes which are not tank have to tank one of the bosses using specific encounter mechanic which allows them to do so.

Patchwerk Fight: Named after famous Boss "Patchwerk" this is a fight that does not have any difficult mechanics, but is just about "beating the enrage counter". The raid has x minutes of time to remove y Health. You can exactly calculate what DPS you need to beat the encounter. This is also referred to as "Gated Raid Encounter". The purpose of this kind of (often called "stupid" mechanics) is to ensure that raiders need some gear from the new raid instance before being able to beat the "Gate" and progress to the later bosses in the instance. Sometimes also referred to as "Brutallus fight", after another famous encounter.

Movement Encounter: This is the opposite to a Patchwerk fight. A fight where it is tested, if everyone knows when to move appropriately and where to go. Usually these fights are less about damage, and more about exact execution of the tactics.

Heal Check, DPS Check, Awareness Check: These (sometimes jokingly used) references mean encounters where the most difficult parts are to the healers ("Heal Check"), the DPS ("DPS Check" or Patchwerk Encounter) or an encounter which principially is quite easy, but has some simple mechanics and if you overlook it you are dead ("Awareness Check").