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Since your post had a lot of content, possibly because you have so many frustrations and ideas and wanted to put them all down, I am going to condense your points so they're easier for others to follow.

Bugs: it's kind of a given that these will eventually be fixed. My thread is more about design changes to the system at a fundamental level.

Entrench Bugs: I have not experienced this same issue with Hunker Down at all against players. I will have to level up a bit more to see if mobs can do the same thing.

Immunity to Movement Impairment in Cover: Right now cover is only really useful for fighting off ranged blaster attacks, charges attacks, and grapple attempts. However, if we were to simulate cover as seen in other games, knockbacks should definitely function as they currently do (but can be nullified if you are using HD/Entrench) and Tech/Force attacks should first break our cover instead of bypassing it entirely. But it still makes sense that slows and roots shouldn't affect us until we exit cover.

Being Pulled/Charged by NPCs when Behind Cover: Yes, this is bogus. Not only are NPCs immune to casting/channeling pushback, but they also completely disregard Smuggler/IA cover mechanics. It is insanely frustrating.
Streamlining Cover to be More User-Friendly and Intuitive
Improving the Adv. Prototype/Tactics Tree
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