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Directions for I-phone set up

!: down load the app on to your phone

2: Run the app you will see a screen asking for the 7 digit serial number

3: Go to the SWTOR web page log in to your account. Under "My account" on the right hand side is "Security key" With a lock next to it

Click set up security key (i already did this so i do not know the exact wording)
EDITED - It will have a place on the web page for people to enter there KEY FOB serial numbers.. DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING HERE if you are setting up your I-phone app

You will see 2 sets of numbers and a number entry box.

The first set of 7 numbers looks like this - 9003428
and a 20 digit number below it

4: enter that 7 digit number in to your Phone

5: your phone will now ask for the next set of number .. The 20 digit number will be entered next.

Once you enter that 20 digit number it you will be set ..
It also gives you a second entry box a verification box just under were you entered the 20 digit number on the I phone app. LEAVE IT BLANK Unless you received an e-mail giving you a verification number form the i-phone store.. It is unlikly anyone will get this (USED IN THE BANKING VERSION OF THIS APP)

6: now your i-phone will display a Auth number a 7 digit number, enter that number in to the web page and click summit.

7: the next screen you will get will ask you if you want the auth to work with THIS browser. I clicked yes, sence i want my forum and account info protected as well.. NOTE if you have a master password program that makes random passwords for you on sites.. you may want to hold off.


My i-phone witch i stopped using like a year ago clock was not correct.. You have to have your clock and date correct for the Auth to work.

When i got it to work it said there was an error Not much of a yea you got it so i tested it and it was working fine on the launcher and web page.

NOTE: i am dyslexic .. spelling is not included.
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