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Corso is by far the most popular female romance. Based on opinions I gather from the boards, I consider Corso, Torian, and Malavai are the "Big Three." Malavai clearly is the most dramatic...

Vector actually grew on a lot of people and surprisingly also has a lot of people favoring him. I think most people are irked with the fact he's a joiner (and "rubbing forearms?!" ***...) but he is really hypnotizing! He reminds me of that artsy-emo kid that is really deep. Something different...

Aric Jorgan also has some favorites. He has that cat face that I can't get past, but I think he has the best voice and is a great overall character. He's not a romantic-type at first, but the tension between him and the femme trooper is just awesome.

Doc is pretty sleazy, but he turns really sweet at the end. I suppose your character gets the satisfaction of 'taming the untamable.' Clearly has the most entertaining pick up lines. A handful of Corso fans also like Doc even though the two are very different.

I don't know much about Andronikos other than he's a pirate "bad-boy" type.

I also do not know much about Iresso...though one person thought he was a bit awkward. Plus, you don't get him until the end of HOTH. So not fair for the consulars!!

So long story short based on experience and board/internets (give or take):

Corso > Malavai > Torian > Vector > Doc > Aric > Andronikos > Iresso