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Really not veryrelevant at all.

1) This was well over a year after Onyxia was released, and 3 raiding tiers on. Not 2 months after EV is released using basically same-tier gear (this looked easy enough that it would also be possible in full Columi not just full Rakata).

2) Onyxia had no enrage, plus healers at this time were using downranking tricks + naxx gear to heal forever (not intended by bliz, they nerfed it just before TBC (or was it at start of TBC?).
My point was just to post it as someone said it hadn't been done with 20-man in classic wow.

Anyways I understand that EV is possible to solo 4 man in full rakata or even columi when you know the fight and have experience - it's intended for people who just got to 50.

I like the idea, but sadly.. Makes HM fps kinda useless when EV is so fast to clear.