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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone on the forum is using a Radeon HD 4870, and if it is behaving for them.

I am still encountering flickering (small, square) artefacts and freezes (every 10-15 seconds), genuinely making SWTOR unplayable. I've also had two hard reboots, which is why I stopped playing for some time. Drivers are completely up to date, shadows off, bloom off.

I guess I'm employing process of elimination, and trying to establish just where the problem is.

I'm considering upgrading to a GeForce GTX 560, but I'd need to be confident that:

1. The HD 4870 is giving others graphical/gameplay issues, AND
2. Others using the GTX 560 consistently report no graphical problems.

I'd rather not shell out c.150 and be no better off.


(Windows 7 Pro x64, 8Gb RAM.)

Update: apologies for not posting more detailed specs. And yes, I'm running the latest Catalyst application profiles.

DxDiag info:


CPU-Z info:


Any constructive advice would be appreciated.