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Dont forget - they need to fix the bugs which prevent many of our abilities from working while in natural cover.

Currently if you try to use entrench and occasionally ballistic shield while in natural cover (as opposed to portable cover/crouching), the ability will last for 1 second and then disappear, using up your cooldown.

Similarly, going into natural cover with talents like marksman's instant snipe or ballistic dampeners will cause those buffs to disappear after 1 second, rather than lasting the duration they're intended to.

Right now, these abilities only work with portable cover or crouch, which offers far less in the way of defensive bonuses than natural cover does (allegedly).

Also, effects which immobilize you not only remove you from cover but also prevent you from going back into cover until they wear off.

Additionally, I think more defensive perks are needed while in cover. Currently, any short-range knockback effect or AOE knockback effect will remove you from cover even while entrench is active, despite the fact that entrench is supposed to protect you from these types of abilities. It's frustrating as hell going into cover and using entrench only to be knocked out of cover a couple seconds later by an NPC or player knockback effect that you're supposed to be immune to.

Personally I think we should naturally be immune to any movement altering when in cover - this means immune to knockback effects, immobilizing effects, and the like. Stuns and crowd control should still, obviously effect us while in cover - but entrench will protect against those types of controlling effects.

Another thing that really annoys me is the fact that when NPCs use abilities like force pull, grappling hook, or leap/force charge, all of these work despite me being in cover. However, player abilities of the same type (assassin force pull, powertech grapple, etc.) are unable to be used against targets in cover. Double standards are never good for games like this, if the player abilities are not going to work against targets in cover then the NPC abilities should not work either.

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