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I agree that one reason that the Prequals get so much hate is because they weren't as "Jaw dropping" as the origionals. To see something like that in the 70's was like "ZOMG!!!". When the Phantom Menace came out movies like Jurassic Park had already come out and it wasn't as amazing as the initial movies.

Bad acting? Now im no movie critic or expert, but i thought the majority of the acting in the films was fine, EXCEPT for Anakin, who is unfortunetly the main character.

Plot holes? Not many.

Don't bring up the Trade Federation situation, the flying text states that the Republic has taxed trade routes. This obviously hurts the TRADE Federation. So they blockade Naboo to make a statement. They become partners with Palpatine, presumably promised great power or unlimited credits or something. Not that hard to figure out, though you do have to think a little.

The only other plothole (or idiocy) i can think of off the top of my head is why did Jango need another bounty hunter to do his work?

The Origionals have plotholes.

Why the hell was Lando wearing Han's clothes at the end of Empire?

Why did it take the gang years to rescue Han even though they knew exactly where he was going (got both from Family Guy :P ).

How come no one thinks of the idea to leave a planet on the opposite side of a blockade? I don't remember seeing THAT many Star Destroyers on Hoth.

Why was the Rebel fleet flying away from the Galaxy at the end of Empire?

Characters? Jar Jar was pretty bad. However, i went to see Star Wars in 3D, he was a pain in the *** some of the time, but honestly i found my self laughing at some of his shinanigans like the tongue in the energy beam. The rest of the Gungans are alright by me.

The Ewoks, honeslty i don't think they're that bad, although i would have preferred Wookies. They're not even THAT cute. Have you seen some of them? Sure they're small and furry but some of they're faces are just...bleh.

I LOVE ALL of the Star Wars movies. Its Star Wars. I wish we could all just get along. Admittedly, Ep 1 is my least favorite but i still love it.

When i went to see Star Wars in 3D on Friday, i was proud to be a Star Wars fan. People were in Jedi robes and yelling "Woot! STAR WARS! May the force be with us!" when those famous words that we all love "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" came onto the screen.

I am going to see every re-release. This is our time to see the movies we (or at least I) love. **** Twilight. **** Harry Potter. **** these Disney movies and chick flicks.

I...I think that covers it.
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