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How your playing a game based on the Sith era, and still don't understand how they work is insane.

Allow me to explain, Sith when choosing an apprentice will normally pit their current apprentice against a chosen suitable replacement, if the Student wins they remain apprentice, but if they loose they die. and the one that slains them takes their place, this way there is always 2, a master and an apprentice, no more no less (unles you play this game where sith are abundant somehow, and people said SWG wasnt cannon) In any case to progress in the sith ranks the only way to move up is to slain your current master, fail and your fate will be no different then you intended his to be.

So in short Yes Palpatine knew damn well Dooku had a 50/50 chance at death and was very much betting against him but he was also betting against Anakin. either ay he would win because the stronger sith would bow to his commands.

Really what it comes down to is a "If it aint broke dont fix it, later on" The emperor tried to use the same tactic on Luke Vs Vader, but Luke refused to fight. Unlike Anakin who was edger to showoff
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