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02.12.2012 , 06:16 PM | #507
Now see, these are the things that players worry about that aren't really important to the game at all. This is not a necessity this is nothing more than a WANT not a NEED. Everyone is more worried about all the little "flashy" things that doesn't really improve the game play or help the players in anyway but to make someone happy rather than make an improvement on the actual game mechanics, playability, etc.

Players really need to focus more on the other things right now such-as what they've already started to put in the next patch as in the GCD and a little more UI customization and bugs that actually are helping with game play, etc. People just want, want, want and don't ask for the needs that would actually help EVERYONE. /facepalm /sigh

I think I'm finished with this thread now. *smh*
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