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Not exactly the point of this thread, but I think it's still important and relevant. I've been wondering for quite a while - was Dooku aware that Darth Sidious was Chancellor Palpatine? A few posts ago ErikModi said that he was - but I'd like to see someone else back that up as well.

From a story point of view, there is no reason the story would require Dooku to know that Sidious was the chancellor. If I remember correctly, the only times we ever see Sidious contact Dooku are by holocomm. So if they never met in person, then it's perfectly possible that Dooku could go on just fine commanding the Separatists, receiving orders from Sidious to kidnap Palpatine on Coruscant, without realizing that Sidious was Palpatine.
Dooku knew. Its in many books but he also kind of leaves hints to Obi in AotC.
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