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It adds to the immersion of the series and I personally love it.
The reality of it is like what the other posters before me said.
The sub titles are there for the Player. Not for the Character.
It's up for interpretation as to whether or not the Character
actually understand the speaker or has some sort of translation
device going on in an ear piece or something. I know at least
once, my BH had no idea what the speaker was saying and I
had the option of saying so.

Look at it this way. English is the dominant language on Earth,
take it or leave it. Everyone is, for whatever twisted reason,
expected to understand at least a little of it. But that doesn't stop
Germans from being German or Spanish, Spanish. To some keeping
their culture alive means more than anything. So there are those
who may understand English but simply choose not to speak it.

Then there is the fact that this is Star Wars and some cultures/individuals
may not be able to actually speak any language but they're own.
Take the Hutts for example, or Aqualish (sp), or most notably Ithorians.
Ziro the Hutt speaking in a fake southern drawl is rather annoying and
forced, I really don't know what to say about that one lol