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The economy of the galaxy is based on debt. Through debt the bankers manufacture recessions and depressions to exert control over the social and political structure of the republic.

And while we watch the planets drowing into an ocean of debt it is now more clear than ever that this house of cards that has been built on a foundation of sand is about to come crushing down in a horrifying matter. Once the economical system begins to collapse its gonna have its own speed of free fall.

Panic and fear will spread like a wildfire among the public. Chaos will reign and millions of people will take to the streets to protest over poverty and unemployment. The senate will employ troopers to quell the uprising and enforce order but that is not going to happen. Bloodshed will be unavoidable. The leaders will try to contain the anger of the mob with more violence. The play is well known.

Suddenly we are to convinced that we are in war against terror. You see in the far corner of the galaxy the natives of planet Umbara(which by major coincidence is rich of synthetic crystals and other resources) pose a direct threat to our republic and democracy and must be dealt with. A great opportunity for Cerzka Corps to make a huge amount of profit. Its not secret afterall that the intergalactic cartels and the bank of Coruscant are those who create and finance the warzone both sides of the conflict.

Welcome to the republic. Best democracy money can buy.

The masses will be driven back to their homes and watch the media but its nothing they havent seen before. Political leaders spreading more garbage and lies. They have been put there just to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. The truth is they have been supporting this corrupt banking system, that also controls the policies that control the media, since the beggining in order to maintain ignorance in the public.

And where you can go from there? What hope is there from a congress that is being
manipulated by a corrupt chancellor, a sith lord in fact, who plans to bring a new world order to the galaxy that promises peace and prosperity.

When some of us look at the current world situation we see a catastrophic crysis rising in a spectacular speed and if you are not seeing what is emerging, you are simply not paying any attention at all.
Peace is a lie for in the grim darkness of the future there's only WAR.