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As the title says, I have gotten all the way up to Tat and noticed quite the amount of bugs

1: When doing flashpoints or missions or anything of this nature, your companions go away by themselves and will have to be summoned each time over again. I dont know if this was intended but its rather annoying actually. Half the time I forget that my pet isnt around. Bug or intended.

2: The green rays of light and whole waves of green light. I began to notice this on Nar Shaada, when you approach the taxi terminal there is a beam of green light going somewhere into the sky, I thought this was part of the map untill I looked closely and determined it wasnt. On Tat OMG please fix this, when u leave the space port and head towards the speeder bike, the whole sky in the back ground turns green and begins to lag you for no reason. I would have to look completely down to move further, I didnt notice the green sky when I progressed further out into Tat so It must be an Anchorhead thing.

3: Companions laying facedown. For some odd reason my companions have the tendency to be face down in the dirt and they just keep sliding when moving. They actually wont fight at all when like this.

4: Athis Flashpoint, there must be some error with looking into the tombs. When you do so it seems like its a a special area or group quest because the entrance is green. I dont know if this is intended or a bug.

5: NPCS stuck in walls. Im playing as a shadow, and if i forcewave to close to walls sometimes they get stuck in the walls and are impossible to attack for sometime. Also while using force wave I have glitched out NPCs that I was fighting and would not be able to attack them for sometime. Might be an issue with KB's in the game, please address.

6: Hotkeys not working properly. Okay this might be me or the game, I am using the Razor Naga MMORPG mouse with the numbers on the left side of it. Very often while trying to depress a button to use the Num Pad keys I find that it will not cast any of the skills in the bar. It works on and off, sometimes it works sometimes it does. Issue with mouse or bugg in game, please address.

7: Falling through floors. Just like the KB from force wave, JK leap has a issue as well. If you leap at an enemy on a slope the Leaper will sometimes fall through the floor. Happened 3 times on esselles, and when i use force wave it would knock the enemies through the floor as well. Please address.

8: Sounds cutting in and out. I did not depress ctrl a or ctrl s which turns sounds off, but randomly all sounds will cut out. Then resume 5 minutes later. Bug or client based, please address.

9: Looking at items. When you go to preview items i.e clothing and armor, it will make your toon invisible thus not allowing you to see the gear in question. Please address.

10: Speeder bikes. For some odd reason when i talk to the taxi guy he wont let me travel unless im up on his ***. I dont know if this is some error or what, but I can talk to him but he wont let me travel unless I move really close to him.

This is what I have noticed so far, I will post more when i can confirm more of these glitches.

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