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Dooku was the LEADER of the Seperatist forces, well, officially.

Obi Wan -might- have argued 'we should capture him alive!', but I dunno... Dude was kinda responsible for a lot of deaths, at least in the Jedi's eyes. Grevious, Sev'rance Tann, Durge, Jango Fett, Cydon Prax and other separatists didn't find much 'capture them alive'. (Really, those captured during the Clone Wars series are pretty much written that way because murdering bad guys isn't kiddy.)

On the other hand? Dooku DID sorta remove one of Anakin's limbs last time. Dooku could have assumed 'Well, I beat this punk once, I better disable the competent fighter before finishing this idiot'.

On the other OTHER hand, It could have been that he was commanded by Darth Sidious to fight Anakin alone for... Uh. Whatever reason. He certainly didn't expect for the Sidious to reveal himself (And it's fairly clear that he didn't know Sidious was the chancellor from the books and actual fight scene) and order his death.

In the end, the 'Chosen one' was Sidious' target since the very begining. Anakin was picked out after the battle of Naboo (Probably before then, during the visit to Curoscant). What better apprentice than the manifestation of the living force created by your predecessor's experiments in defeating death itself? Maul and Dooku were means to an end. Puppets trained and played against the future apprentice to twist fate down the right road.

Qui-gon, killed by Maul, would have kept Anakin aware of the dark side by teaching him to relax and calm himself like he did with Obi Wan. Dooku created the uprising needed to create unrest in the galaxy while Sidious promised Anakin that the galaxy would have peace under his rule, it also served to allow Anakin to be aggressive and be fueled by the clones serving his every command. Teaching a padawan to show restraint and peace is impossible during a war after all.