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Wouldn't happen to be this would it?
No it all came from some interview somewhere from the person in question who worked with Lucas on the writing and direction of the original movies, main reason why i bring it up is in the hopes that someone more informed as to the intricacies of the originals' production could shed some light on the topic, so that we could all learn more about why the movies are the way they are (sorry if that's a little off topic I suppose). Especially in reference to how some of them are...."different" from the others stylistically.

For all I know, the guy who did the interview could have just been disgruntled about getting short-changed at the end of the day and was just talking some smack. I do know that I didn't make any of that up myself at least, haha.

Although I suppose whatever the case, the factual truth of any of that doesn't make too big a difference as to whether or not Lucas is a hack as a writer, the fact that KotOR1 was a better Star Wars story than the entire collection of 6 movies is proof of that.

Take science fiction, throw in the most cliche fantasy tropes around (magic powers and "swords", some exotic creatures) and bam you have Star Wars.