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I'll qualified disagree with you on that. The improved dogfights in ANH are great, as is the busier Mos Eisley, Biggs, and Jabba. The Sarlacc is so-so. "You were lucky to get out of there" instead of "You were lucky you don't taste very good" and the whole Han/Greedo thing. . . not so much.
Now I'll admit, the Jabba scene in EP IV made sense because it was a scene that was originally shot but then edited out. Sure, Jabba was originally a human but logically they had to change that because it wouldn't make sense when we saw him as a worm dude in EP VI. Plus it showed us a scene between Han and Jabba that would have otherwise been lost to the cutting room floor.

But, I found other changes, such as the mos eisley "critters", the music changed and added a dance number in Jabba's Palace for no apparent reason was taking it too far.

Oh, and adding a shockwave ring to the death star explosion...did that make it more "explodey"?
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