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The original Trilogy only changed the way movies were made for the next 30 something years, and it was completely Original for it's time...can you say that about the prequels?

and this thread doesn't support the title...It only supports not hating the prequels, and I don't hate them.
This is like saying The Old Repbulic (or whatever new game you want) is nowhere near as influential as pong was, and is therefore worse.

Also, thread does support the title, the title pretty clearly states it's going to be about showing how the new movies are really not that much worse than the old ones were, and then the thread details several reasons.

Also, on a side note, I remember reading somewhere before that there was some other guy who worked with George on the old ones, and that originally it was planned to take the series up to episode 9 and with a much darker tone (Palpatine lives at the end of 6, but Vader was still supposed to die); and then the merchandising profits exploded to astronomical amounts beyond their initial projections, George got a big head and decided to turn episode 6 into happy fun time hour. What should have been wookies became Ewoks (little pig-latin there), Luke and Anakin get to have a little heart to heart as they bask in the glow of having helped one another (in some way) to save the galaxy, and everyone goes around hugging each other.

Which reminds me, before Jar Jar came about, the Ewoks were generally regarded as the biggest Star Wars tragedy in the series. I know that's another mark against the new movies, but the point is that Lucas (Luke...Lucas...I wonder) has a track record of self indulgence as a story teller, and if not for a bunch of moron kids from the 70s demanding that their parents spend money on this stuff, people would look at him as more or less a hack.

Please please please, correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, wish I could remember my sources to cite them but hey, it's been a while.