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Not sure, but I doubt anything would happen to the lightsaber simply because the blade is not solid. My guess is that Adamantium would "loose" and be cut.
Also no, there are enough materials that can resist lightsabers.
Good version. I'm not sure about this, but i'll check it anyway. You can trust me, I guarantee it!
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I have a what if...What if anikan helped windu capture darth sidious?...boring movis or no balance to the force? would obama still be president? would luke make out with his sister still??!? WHAT IF?!?!
Thats's a very good questions. And i'll answer it. Anykan would become a new president of the U.S.A (Useless Secret Alliance). And of course theres no Luke and he's sister (Amidala made an abortion! No time for kids! Anikan is a president!)

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Oooo, I got one. What if Yoda used himself as the model for the clones instead of Jango Fett.
Oh its simple! There wont be any army of clones, cause armor, which was created for Jango's clones didnt fir for Yoda's clones! Thats why theres was gonaa be no battles. Only wimp philosophic talkings on the whole planet about force balance. No wars, only talkings...
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