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This won't help if you are already locked out, but do a Google search for either

1Password (paid app, mutli platorm including OS X, iOS, Windows)


KeePass (free app, also multiplatform, but I don't know the list)

Using one of these apps you can add comments to the entry with the exact text you used for your security question. This way you can use highly secure answers and not have to worry about forgetting/mistyping them in the future.

Also, I'd recommend having a solid backup strategy! I use Dropbox (1Password auto-syncs via Dropbox). Both of these apps use encrypted files for storage so Dropbox is reasonably safe.

If you are worried about BIG BROTHER looking at your files/info, you have problems bigger than what Dropbox can solve. That doesn't mean it's not safe to store your "secret" answers to SWTOR there.

note: No links given here. Never trust links presented by people you don't know. Just Google/Bing/whatever the site and if it's legit it will come up.
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