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The Q&A they posted, did 'touch' on a couple concerns I had, but not in any useful way other than "yeah, its coming in the future sometime". Which is all they need to answer for chat bubbles!
It's very disheartening that they don't even say that.

My only hope is, with all this huge UI changes they have coming in 1.2... chat bubbles is in that (since its an important UI element).
Yes. But does Bioware even know that chat bubbles are in fact a (G)UI Element? Of course, we don't know, as they are ignoring the issue completely and not responding to anything chat bubble related for whatever mysterious reason. The optimist in me wants to think the reason is because they want to announce chat bubbles big time as a surprise for us really, really soon, but the realist has a really bad feeling about the silence...of the lambs.

However I know I will be let down. I have zero faith in their UI team, if all their prior games are any indication of their skill.
I mirror this sentiment. The GUI Design is violating almost every GUI design principle there is, the team has huge trouble even adding new preferences options for things that already work in the .ini file or to copy object properties from objects on which they already work to other ones and so on. It's really not good.
If you consider that they have allegedly rejected job applications for the TOR GUI team by talented GUI designers/programmers for the (G)UI team in the past due to "not enough prior experience in the gaming industry" (although they have played tons of MMOs before and know what's needed in a MMO GUI) that would have likely done a much, much better job, it's even sadder...

Bioware, if you want to prove me wrong, I dare you to simply add an option to enable chat bubbles for /say, /yell and /emote chat ASAP. But I'm starting to doubt your sorry excuse for "GUI programmers and designers" are even remotely capable to do that.