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I warned you!

If you read this, you get spoiled with the end of Act 1 of the Jedi Consular Storyline!!!


I fear that the problem lies with the story design and that not everything was well thought-through...
Maybe the writers first had one outcome in mind and then changed to something else and the designers forgot to change the dialogues of previous encounters?

I'm confused..


Besides this little issue:
I'm totally happy with the Consular Storyline so far!

Only thing that I don't like:
I'm lvl 30 and only got Tharan (as a healer, the healer companion is not really useful) and Qyzen (I'll use him till the end, I guess He's already in full custom gear and quite the killer in 1 on 1 open pvp )
They should've brought in more companions earlier, so that one has a choice...

In the end, I'll only be able to play with Nadia, when I'd happen to do dailies, which I won't.. Leaving me to buy her presents which I can't afford, because I don't play dailies..
To be honest, both Qyzen and Tharan are very good compagnions. If I wanne go melee and dps myself i choice tharan, if i wanne do more cc and healing i take qyzen. They are both fun the have as a comp