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02.11.2012 , 06:57 AM | #30
George Lucas originally rallied against revisionism, in the sense that he was for the preservation of old movies before they degraded. Such a horrible shame that, after creating the concept of the dark side, he too fell to its lure.

In the original Star Wars, Han shoots first. It doesn't matter that George Lucas has retrospectively decided that this was not so as the truth is that Han shot first: get over it George.

This kind of aggressive revisionism, which is in itself a direct attack on the memories of fans, is the reason I refused to get the Star Wars blu rays. Fortunately there is a Star Wars preservation fan edit for each film (search for "despecialized edition") which tries to bring back the original film experience with the best quality picture available.

Were I ever to get an audience with George Lucas, I would ask him in a calm and measured way about one of his earliest and fondest memories. I'd then proceed to tell him that his memory is flawed and the events didn't happen that way. I imagine he'd become quite angry that I was deeming to correct his own memories, before I equated what he was choosing to do to Star Wars with this. Leaving him to think on this, I would suggest again that he return to the favour of his fans and leave the destructive path to give the fans their memories back and stop retconning the Star Wars universe, since at least when comics get a retcon, you can still access the originals in good quality.

But who am I kidding? George is too far along the dark path now. I want to believe he can change and will realise the harm he is doing to fans of his creations, but I'm not banking on ever seeing the original, unaltered Star Wars on blu ray. I will still hope against hope, but it will take a massive event or fan grouping to make this happen.

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