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When you do Laying Waste, the mission in which Baras sends you to kill Lord Grathan's son, if you choose to spare his wife and son, she offers you your choice of either credits or an item of power.

I chose to ask her for an item of power. As I was leaving Dromund Kaas, I was confronted by a Sith, who said he was there "to deliver this item from Lady Grathan. It will greatly enhance that new ship of yours."

However, he then said Lord Grathan wanted me dead because I knew to much, and attacked me. I killed him, but never received any item. I would assume it would be a ship part, but no such item was anywhere to be found. The body could not be looted, and I didn't get anything of the sort as a quest reward.

What gives? Is this a bug? I would just assume I had been fully betrayed and there was no reward, but for the guy to say it would enhance my ship is oddly specific for a reward that never existed.