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I just got back from watching it all dressed up in my Jedi outfit watching it on 3d 4k etx huge screen for amc. Let me tell you, it was awesome!

It's just amazing that here, we have this little 10 year old boy Anakin Skywalker...and you just keep thinking to yourself. Damn...he is going to do all that stuff later on?! It really makes you think of how creepy it really is. Goes from an innocent young little free spritied kid to this dark warrior. If he could only see himself in the future. I was thinking about that all while watching the movie.

"omg..this kid is going to break everyone around him, and kill mainly every Jedi." I think George Lucas did an amazing thing here by re releasing the movies now in 3d and starting the series from Episode 1 in the movies because by that, everyone has seen all the movies now, knows the story, and now you can think or flashback to all the times you have seen these things and you KNOW it has happened. It completely changed the way I saw Star Wars. I saw different things that I never did before, I actually thought about allllll the things that happened in the movies while watching this movie. That's what you do in Star Wars, that's what makes it so amazing!

I just wanted to say it really brought me back a lot :') I have...a renewed feeling of Star Wars again in my life. I know I have always loved Star Wars to death, but now even MORE. It's just amazing to me the power of Star Wars has over you. Now since we all know what happens in the end, we can look for the other not so subtle hints or secret ones.

I don't know how much more science fiction you can get guys. Yes it has things of fantasy to, but what science fiction universe doesn't. While I was watching Episode 1 with droids, ecm balls (boomba) shields, laser pulse weapons, starships, hyperspace travel, with a bunch of other things that are science fiction, I was Wars really has a bit of everything for everyone. Sci Fi, Fantasy, Beyond Belief stuff, it's really amazing that George Lucas has thought of all this stuff.

You know why people like Star Wars so much? It's because of that reason. It has a little bit of everything..for every type of person. That is why it is popular I just ...can't WAIT until the other movies come out. Thankyou George Lucas for Star Wars, and thankyou for making the movies come out again. Theaters were PACKED!!!

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