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Right now it completely consists of warzones and Ilum. There is NOTHING else. I donšt know even if Ilum should count. Sure the Idea of a grand-scale PVP arena is enticing however, what it usually comes down to is 2 large groups who stand at max range from eachother and use AoE spells with some bored melees occasionally leaping in and either dying or vanishing back to their group. There is nothing else to it. Also considering that Republic is severely outnumbered on most servers makes it close to impossible to even complete the daily quest, not to mention enjoying it, if you are not online at 13:00 (CET) when the daily is reset.
Warzones are fun to a degree. I bet there are tons of people who just LOVE warzones. But a warzone is not even close to promoting competitive PVP. Sure, medals and MVP-votes have their merit, but once the wz is over you have nothing to show for it.
I love SWTOR and almost everything about it. PVE is fun, questing etc is really nice, combat is alive but the lack of competitive PVP and the disregard for it is really drawing the overall score back.
I am an ex WoW - player, and the only thing i thoroughly enjoyed in WoW was arena. Especially 3v3 matches where you got your reputation, recieved bettter gear for better performance. Having a similar thing in SWTOR would be more than amazing. SWTOR NEEDS arena. People should have something to strive towards if their focus is PVP, not just looking forward to an endless warzone spam. I want to be the best in PVP, so do many others, but we have no way of proving that since there really is nothing that measures skill in SWTOR PVP.
Please consider the importance of having competitive PVP, and those who agree/disagree please comment. (Unless you are going to write that i should go back to WoW)

Arena was never a measure of skill.. it was a measure of who could exploit the current dream-team combos and burn every CD you had int he first 30 seconds.

And they're introducing rated warzones..... So your argument=invalid.
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