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I think that's called being in denial of reality, since these nations you don't acknowledge can have a very real impact on your ability to remain free and/or alive.

Anyways, the EU is what makes Star Wars interesting, imo. I mean, you can count the movies as being the only thing truly Star Wars, but half of the movies were awful (we all know which half). So Star Wars is 50% crap.
I know they can however i dont believe they need to exist.
My own county can screw me over just as easly as any country.
The fact is you dont need have more then one country to have a goverment who coudnt wipe there own ***.

For that mather of fact i dont like anyone in power.
There to busy living in denail to fix thing's.
I love the common people tho.

Also i think the eu is crappy not any of the 6 movie's

They are going to far.
Being able to wipe out planets with sheer will.
Mind control entire ships etc.

The reson i loved the jedi/sith so must is because there powers where more bound then magic.

I mean face it there using it at plot cement to fix the hole's.

I mean lets say you got a movie jedi attacking a space ship filled with gaurds.
He picks his fights carefully and systmaticly take's over the ship.

A eu jedi just blow up there minds for the fun of it.

Ofcourse all my information is second hand rumor.

Or the emperor in swtor who has multi bodies lived for over a 1000 years
And can kill a entire planet effortlessly...
The sith and jedi are suppos to use the force not become it.

It is like saying that mozes suddely can exterminate armies with the blink of a eye.
Never mind he never had any powers of his own and god did everything.

That is why i hate the eu.

knowledge is power.
use it well.

Good players take any and all advantages they can get, actually. It's why they are good.