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The Ruusan Reformations WERE considered a 'fall'. That's why that line (or lines) in Ep2 about the Republic being around for '1,000 years' had us scratching our heads when it was released. We all assumed the Republic had been around for about 25,000 years, thanks to Obi-Wan's line in Ep4 about the Jedi being guardians for over 1,000 generations (given 25 years as an average accepted measurement for 'a generation')

Calling pre-Ruusan 'the Old Republic' makes sense. It's the Republic, but it's the older one. They had some reorganization after all the chaos of that war.

And remember, the Sith were in control of the galaxy at some point, too--hence Sidious' "once more, the Sith will rule the galaxy!" So whenever that happened, the Republic would've been consider 'fallen'.

The "New Republic" of the post-RotJ galaxy is specifically called "the New Republic" by its members, government, the heroes, etc... they were trying to correct the mistakes of the Old that led to it becoming the Galactic Empire. They didn't wanna just go "Oh, we're the Republic again". That's what the Old Republic did after each big shakeup, and it led to Sidious ruling the galaxy.

Of course, the New Republic didn't last all that long, thanks to the Vong invasion...