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02.10.2012 , 07:19 AM | #9
Good to hear that the 3D effects work well. Still, I won't bring myself to watch them again in the cinema.

Thinking back to Phantom Menace, I thought the plot hole for me was:
Why did the Trade Federation blockade Naboo? What did they think they could get out of it? Maybe the name is just leading me astray, but I would expect a Trade Federation to care in some way about trade stuff. SO maybe they want to press Naboo into some kind of contract - but what kind of contract would survive an investigation of the blockade and the assault on the planet?
Someone else said - they did it because Darth Siddious told them to. But why would they follow him in the first place. Now, some of this is a "hindsight" problem. Not every question needs an answer in the first movie, that's why we have a trilogy. But it never really gets answered, and so overall, the first movie seems to lack a sensible plot and a solid motivation for the antagonists.